Builders Guard  is a supply chain solution provider. We offer a large range of product and services essential to the mining, quarry and construction industry. We are exclusive distributor for CMM , Montabert, AKG, Metal Service, Minova 

From Reagents, engine Spare Parts, filters, crushing and screening spare parts, grinding balls, drilling spare parts, tires, trucks spares parts to your office and IT equipments we can deliver it  ALL.


With our partner COCENTAL we are the authorised dealers in Burkina Faso of:
Drilling machines, bolting machines, scaling jumbo, nacelle, truck u turn platform and special Equipment 

The Montabert Company
Light breakers , Heavy Breakers, Blue Line Breakers, Crusher Bucket, Drilling Attachment, Hydraulic Drifters, Pneumatic Equipment, Screening Buckets, Breaker Tools

We can offer you a technical support to adapt our breakers / drillers on a hydraulic excavator and make your excavator multi-operational: excavation - drilling (diameter from 76 mm to 105mm) - use BRH

The Rockmore Company
Drilling tools - the same used by B2GOLD in Mali.

Resin capsules for bolting in mines and tunnels

Metal Service
Friction bolts Split set for bolting in mines

Radiators for cooling of thermal engines and hydraulic oil 

We can quickly provide you radiators for Caterpillar C13, C18, C32 ......


Burkina Faso Office

01 BP 1812 Ouagadougou 01.

Tel :+226 64491067

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